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  • What is Earama?
    Earama is the website where you are currently. This site brings together information on modern musical artists, of all genres, all ages, from all countries! From Rock to Metal, including Blues, find important information about your favorite music artists! We're also an entertainment with our interviews, livestreams and videos like Wait A Minute! videos ! Finally, we are a help for musicians with our inexpensive services!
  • Who is behind Earama?
    We are a whole team. A team of French people passionate about music. Some communicate with the artists, others take care of the design, some of the website... More information on the page About Us. However, the artists are very numerous and other people would be welcome! If you are interested, contact us!
  • Earama, only an information site?
    Not only! Of course, we are committed to helping you enter the fandoms of all these artists and this also allows you to make discoveries and listen to various things, but we also aim to entertain you with our livestreams and interviews! For artists, other services are available such as photographers, videographers or merchandising facilities! If you are a musician and want to be on our site, contact us!
  • What kind of artists are we looking for?
    We are looking for all kinds of artists! The goal is to offer a maximum choice of music to fans of all genres, therefore, we are looking for artists of all musical genres, of all ages, from all countries!
  • How long has Earama existed?
    The Earama project was born in the last days of December 2019. Time to put everything in place, Earama became an official company on June 21, 2020!
  • What is the purpose of Earama?
    Earama's goal is to help musicians around the world get noticed and grow! We are also committed to revealing only information certified by the musicians, in order to offer only the truth! We also aim to bring more content to fans who want to know more about their idols through interviews, videos and press articles!
  • Where are we located?
    We are located in France! But we work with artists from all over the world!
  • How did it start? Why ?
    It all started with the online encyclopedia and the desire to share true information about musicians, publishing only what musicians give us. Some sites are distorted or not precise enough and many complain about it. Which was the case for Sebastian Danzig, who tweeted about it. We thought a lot about the best way to do it and then Earama was born. The development of the company was made according to the events that followed.
  • How can a band join Earama?
    A band or solo artist can request to be part of Earama from the Instagram and Facebook DMs (which are still open for now), from the 'contact' section on our website or by email at!
  • Quels sont les multiservices proposés par Earama ?
    Tout est noté sur notre page 'Services' ! Mais s'il vous faut une information complémentaire, n'hésitez pas à prendre contact directement avec notre équipe à la page 'Contact' !
  • What are Wait A Minute! videos ?
    Wait A Minute! are one-minute videos (as the name suggests) that we post every day on our networks, on our YouTube channel and on this site where artists answer questions and complete challenges!
Vous n'avez pas trouvé de réponse à votre question ? Posez-là ici ou sur notre page 'Contact' !
Nous vous tiendrons au courant dès qu'une réponse sera disponible!
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