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Back To You


Face down, life escapes 

From my eyes again 

Blackout swallows me 

I wait for the end 

Wrecked moons cross the sky 

Unicorns are gone 

Leave now, darkness comes 

And stars bleed above you 

The oceans turn to ice 

I guess I always knew 

That nothing ever dies 

An ancient flame starts to rise 

I'm back to you 

Nothing will destroy our world 

I'm back to you, I'm back to you 

No pulse in my heart 

No words in my brain 

White smoke fills the night 

Ashes fall like rain 

Black clouds, massive holes 

Growing on the Sun 

Leave now, darkness comes 

Hiding from the emptiness 

Far beyond the horizon's fading light 

Voices from a dying land 

All the buried hopes come back to life 

Come back to life

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